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About Me

About Me

The Therapy cup  was born as an idea to offer tailor made, individualised psychological therapy with a founding belief that each individual has the innate ability to achieve their full potential. The therapy cup is a perspective that the therapeutic journey is more than just a journey of goals, It is a journey of self discovery and growth. My goal is to make this journey adaptable, collaborative and paced with the client at the centre of this journey. 


About Me

About Me

About Me

Hello! My name is Asna which means 'the one to be acknowledged or praised'. Unfortunately, the desire to be praised can also lead one to place our locus of control extrinsically .  I must admit that the acceptance of this understanding came to me through the right therapist who led me to a place of inner calm and peace.

 I am conscious that choosing the right therapist is a difficult and daunting decision, and possibly a decision that is not taken in haste.  I hope that starting from place of authenticity with an intention to work around the person would make my clients less anxious about this journey.

 I am registered as a counselling psychologist with the HCPC (UK). I have over 10 years experience of working with individuals offering them evidence based psychological therapies to address anxiety, depression, stress and self confidence. I have a special interest in substance addiction and trauma. 


About Me


  • Cognitive Behaviour therapy
  • Motivational Interviewing for behaviour change
  • Systemic Family therapy
  • Rewind Therapy  
  • Eye Movement desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy.

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Ways to Pay

Self-Funding Your Treatment

Please contact me for a free initial telephone assessment.  For subsequent sessions payments can be made in cash or by BACS. I will provide my bank details at the time  of booking your first session. 

Health Insurance

It may be possible to use your private health insurance to cover the full cost or part of the cost of your appointments. Please contact me to check if I am registered with your insurance provider. I am currently registered as a provider  of psychological therapy with providers such as Aviva Health, AXA PPP, Cigna, Healix, and Simplyhealth 

Short term Contracts

Short term contracts are available for aftercare work, relapse prevention or follow up appointments for up to 10 sessions. I can offer these in person or via online medium as preferred by the client.



Depression & Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are some of the most common, uncomfortable and isolating emotions that one can experience. The changes in mood can have a knock on effect on self perception and self confidence. The aim of my sessions would be centred around drawing and building on the inner strength of individuals so as to make therapy a process that goes beyond 'coping'  to a recovery goal that can be sustained.


Trauma & PTSD

Most individuals can relate to experiences associated with trauma. Trauma can vary from accidents or near misses, shameful or anxiety provoking experiences, assault, or a painful birthing experience. The intensity and degree to which trauma permeates our lives can vary with individual coping strategies. In therapy I  specifically work towards  enabling individuals to 'unfreeze' the traumatic experience  and guide themselves to their healing. 



Addiction is a lonely and complicated journey which can often impact on several dimensions of an individuals life from work and finance to relationships and self image. My experience with addiction varies from individuals who were pre-therapy or in denial to individuals who had been abstinent for years and needed to work on their new identity post addiction.